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Saturday, February 19, 2011

BAD WOLF - Using Copy Of 10th DOCTOR's TARDIS

I awoke one day, finding myself in the TARDIS of the 10th DOCTOR. How I arrived, is anyones guess. As I noticed the console. I was traveling. Information being relayed to my mind, was telling me I was to visit the DOCTOR. As I arrived. The doors of the TARDIS began to open. As I stepped outside I noticed a gray haired old man in front of me, with his back turned. I urgently told him to come with me. When his back turned an approached me. He told me he was the DOCTOR. And now I find out, that DAVROS. The old foe of the DOCTOR is after him. Now we are on the run in a rackety old TARDIS on the run from DAVROS and his Kaled DALEKS. And what ever may come our way.

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